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Unlimited creativity with ArchiTouch 3D

We performed thorough tests with ArchiTouch 3D on the brand new iPad Pro
 version 2.7 is OK.

Enjoy Creative Architecture with ArchiTouch 3D !

You are looking for an Architecture design app combining efficiency and creative freedom ? ArchiTouch 3D is made for you!
Feature-rich and easy to use, ArchiTouch 3D gives shape to your ideas.
Every change is fast and easy, at any stage of your project. 

Instant navigation between 2D and 3D makes ArchiTouch 3D unique.

Above all, ArchiTouch 3D is the most complete Architecture Design App for iPad

After the 1st subscription, you will get an editable project without time limit.


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ArchiTouch 3D is constantly improving...


ArchiTouch 3D version 2.6.

The 3D view becomes interactive. You can change the building appearance directly in 3D.
You can now use wallpapers on interior walls and even customize furniture!

With ArchiTouch 3D you can copy plans from images or PDF files.

Import them in ArchiTouch 3D from a Mail, the Cloud, another app or AirDrop. Scaling those plans is quick and easy. Your plans will be identical to the model. This new feature manages multi-pages PDF and multi-story buildings.

Other new features:
Mirror effect on a single slab or the whole building (useful to implement a project on a site, or create symmetrical apartments)...


ArchiTouch 3D version 2.5. This version is ready for iOS 9. We thoroughly tested it to improve stability and performances on both iOS 8 and iOS 9.

Video tutorials added to the help system

New window type: trapezoidal hole (useful under stairs for example...)



With ArchiTouch 3D
The new DXF export feature will allow plans to be used with other CAD softwares.


With ArchiTouch 3D,
You will be able to create custom materials with our new powerful texture and color blender


Numerous symbols have been added to complete the architectural electrical plans.

Aperçu des possibilités de nuance des matériaux

ArchiTouch 3D is now available in German and Spanish. (V 2.4)
New keyboard: Better ergonomics


You need only simple floor plans ?

There is now an answer: QuickPlan 3D
It is a cheap paid app producing detailed floor plans

Based on the powerful ArchiTouch 3D engine.

QuickPlan 3D
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The ArchiTouch3D Features


Architectural Electrical Plans


Create PDF:  2D - 3D - Elevations and more

Professional Quality

PDF help


Mobile Architecture for All

With ARCHITouch 3D,Your plans are always available anywhere
Fast design engine making you more productive
Share your plans with all stakeholders
And More...

Home Builder
With ARCHITouch 3D, Show your models directly on client’s plot
You can easily adapt your models to suit each customer
And More...

With ARCHITouch 3D, all plan details are stored in your iPad 
No more lost or damaged blueprints
Designs are easily, shared by e-mail, Plan viewing is free
And More...

You can use a complete professional architecture design tool
Powerful and easy to use at a reduced cost (pay per use)
Optimize your project - for your own property-
Include furniture for virtual tour
and More...

ArchiTouch 3D is constantly improving...