ArchiTouch 3D download is free.
It enables you to test all design feature but without the ability to save your modifications.

The free version is basically a viewer for projects you receive by e-mail or sample projects furnished as examples.

ArchiTouch 3D  can be used as a project viewer without any purchase.

Complete App function become available when you purchase subscription periods.

Plus, one Free Floor Plan with furniture and 3D view is available.

 Floor Plan


 30 days

 $ 17,99

 90 days

 $ 44,99

 1 year

 $ 139,99

During a subscription period, all App feature are available without limitation.
Example models become fully accessible and can be used as is or as a basis for your own designs.
There is no limit in the number of projects or generated plans during subscription period.

after a subscription period
if you do not subscribe again,
you can select a single project which will remain editable with no time limit.

You can therefore subscribe for short periods as appropriate.
Projects can always be sent by e-mail after the first subscription period.

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