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. With ARCHITouch 3D all your plans are always available anywhere

. Fast design engine making you more productive

. Perfect compromise between easiness and rich functionality

With ARCHITouch 3D, you can share your plans with your clients:

. They can place their own furnitures and use virtual tour

. They can suggest changes directly on the plans

. They feel empowered

Empower your clients


Home Builder

ARCHITouch 3D enables you to adapt your models to each customer.

. Little changes can be made in minutes.

. Show your models directly on client’s plot.

. Your clients can choose a house on their own iPad,

. They can submit changes by email:

Save your time with new clients



. ARCHITouch 3D plans are easily shared by e-mail.

. All plan details are in your iPad. No more lost or damaged blueprints.

ARCHITouch 3D is free when used as a plan viewer:

. No extra cost for contractors
. No training cost, it is ultra easy to use

The right information always available



ARCHITouch 3D is really easy to use, no need for long training sessions.

Nevertheless you can create really complex buildings.

It is a professional design software.

With ARCHITouch 3D, design your home yourself, or use it to share ideas

or plans with architects and contractors.

ARCHITouch 3D is free when used as a plan viewer.

You can share your plans with any iPad owner.

Easy to use

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